Yami Yugi

Yami Yugi

Name: Yami Yugi;

Main Archetypes: Egyptian Gods, Chaos, Magician, Buster Blader;

Dimension: Fusion;







Deck 1: Egyptian Gods;

Main Deck: 40 (E-17; S-18, T-5)

obelisk-the-tormentordc57a-slifertheskydragon-bmpthe-winged-dragon-of-raThe TrickyRa's DiscipleRa's DiscipleRa's DiscipleSpell StrikerSpell StrikerSpell Striker890d9-marshmallow-bmp890d9-marshmallow-bmpdaefc-leveleater-bmpdaefc-leveleater-bmpdaefc-leveleater-bmpThe Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere ModeThe Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere ModeTrue NameTrue NameTrue Name406f9-doublesummon-bmpCard advanceCard advance04d94-potofgreed-bmpd7ee2-potofavarice-bmp6e736-upstartgoblin-bmp6e736-upstartgoblin-bmpGraceful Charityc2b7c-monsterreborn-bmpConvulsion of NatureAdvance ZoneMound of the Bound CreatorMound of the Bound Creator133b8-snatchsteal-bmpOwner's Sealaec30-metalreflectslime-bmpaec30-metalreflectslime-bmp0f61a-solemnwishes-bmp0b82e-ultimateofering-bmp07f2b-solemnwarning-bmp

Extra Deck:

– No Extra Deck –


Deck 2: Chaos Magician;

Main Deck: (Still under construction)


Deck 3: Dragon Magician;

Main Deck: (Still under construction)




52 responses to “Yami Yugi

  1. The Egyptian God deck looks pretty good. If you plan to include side decks, I think a few good options would be:
    1-2 of each Gadget Monster (Red, Green, Yellow)
    1 or 2 Stronghold the Moving Fortress
    Ultimate Offering

    Also, maybe consider some draw power in the deck (Pot of Greed, Graceful Charity, Card of Sanctity’s anime effect, etc.) and Foolish Burial to get Immortal Phoenix in the Graveyard if there’s room for changes?

  2. This deck must be update. Pot of greed will be in the deck and U. Offering is interesting. Some cards have some hard conditions like Inferno Reckless Summon, i’m not sure about Level Eater (while testing isn’t that important).

    What do you suggest? The most important/key cards are Spell Cards, and is needed 1 or 2 spell searcher.

  3. So far from testing it, I’m not liking True Name. You have to declare the correct card name of the card on the top of your deck to be able to search for an Egyptian God. It’s pretty much like so I may add more drawing cards in place of True Name.

  4. True Name + Convulsion of Nature, did you tried that insane combo? This is why i need spell searcher.

    I’m thinking in update in this way:
    3x True Name
    3x Convulsion of Nature
    2x “spell searcher”

    What do you think?

  5. Well here’s the Chaos Magician deck. I tested this against the Hieratic Chaos Dragons deck (something I built to OTK on before turn 5 of a duel) I built and this deck ran circles around it, believe it or not. Here’s the deck list:

    [Main Deck – 40]
    Monster Cards: 18
    Dark Magician
    Gemini Elf
    Mystical Elf
    Galaxy Serpent
    Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning
    Dark Magician of Chaos
    Buster Blader
    Chaos Sorcerer
    Dark Magician Girl
    Skilled Dark Magician
    Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
    Magician’s Valkyria
    Breaker the Magical Warrior
    Witch of the Black Forest
    Electromagnetic Turtle
    Lemon Magician Girl
    Old Vindictive Magician
    Magician of Faith

    Spell Cards: 14
    The Eye of Timaeus
    Dark Magician Attack
    Monster Reborn
    Ancient Rules
    Emblem of Dragon Destroyer
    Destruction Swordmaster Fusion
    Pot of Greed
    Thousand Knives
    Dark Magic Curtain
    Card of Sanctity
    Magical Dimension
    Dedication through Light and Darkness
    Magic Formula

    Trap Cards: 9
    Magician’s Circle
    Dark Renewal
    Black Illusion
    Mirror Force
    Phoenix Wing Wing Blast
    Eternal Soul
    Spellbinding Circle
    Seven Tools of the Bandit
    Magic Jammer

    [Extra Deck – 8]
    Fusion Monsters: 3
    Amulet Dragon
    Dark Paladin
    Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight
    Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer

    Synchro Monsters: 2
    Buster Dragon
    Arcanite Magician

    Xyz Monsters: 3
    Magi Magi Magician Gal
    Downerd Magician
    Slacker Magician

    [Side Deck – 11]
    Dark Nephthys – Spell/Trap removal
    Sage’s Stone – Dark Magician support
    Dimension Fusion – To bring back banished monsters
    Mystical Space Typhoon – Spell/Trap removal
    Dark Magic Burning – Dark Magician support/defense
    De-Fusion – Defense
    Twin Twister – Spell/Trap removal
    Destruction Sword Flash – Dark Paladin/Buster Blader support
    Return from the Different Dimension – To bring back banished monsters
    Miracle Restoring – Buster Blader/Dark Magician support

    On a side note, I couldn’t include the new Dark Magician support (Magician’s Rod, Magician’s Robe, Magician’s Navigate, Dark Magic Circle, and Illusion Magic) since it isn’t on YGOPro but since this deck went up against my Chaos Hieratic Dragons deck and won the match with little trouble, I don’t think it will need any changes.

    I’ll give you that deck list as well if you want, to give an idea of what I tested it against.

  6. Here’s the last deck list for the Magician Dragon deck, although it still includes BLS – Envoy of the Beginning.
    [Main Deck – 40]
    Monster Cards: 18
    Dark Magician
    Galaxy Serpent
    Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning
    Gandora X the Dragon of Destruction
    Buster Blader
    Lord Gaia the Fierce Knight
    Magician of Black Illusion
    Dark Magician Girl
    Infernal Curse of Dragon
    The Tricky
    Magician’s Valkyria
    Witch of the Black Forest
    Electromagnetic Turtle
    Lemon Magician Girl
    Magician’s Robe
    Old Vindictive Magician
    Winged Kuriboh

    Spell Cards: 12
    The Eye of Timaeus
    Dark Magic Attack
    Emblem of Dragon Destroyer
    Pot of Greed
    Thousand Knives
    Graceful Charity
    Monster Reborn
    Card of Sanctity
    Illusion Magic
    Magical Dimension
    Destruction Swordsmaster Fusion
    Dark Magic Circle

    Trap Cards: 10
    Magician’s Navigate
    Destruction Sword Flash
    Mirror Force
    Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
    Zero Gravity
    Eternal Soul
    Spellbinding Circle
    Seven Tools of the Bandit
    Solemn Strike
    Magic Jammer

    [Extra Deck – 11]
    Fusion Monsters: 6
    Amulet Dragon
    Dark Paladin
    Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer
    Gaia the Soaring Dragon Champion
    Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight

    Synchro Monsters: 2
    Buster Dragon
    Arcanite Magician

    Xyz Monsters: 3
    Ebon Illusion Magician
    Legendary Magician of Dark
    Ebon Oblivion Magician

    [Side Deck – 15]
    Gemini Elf
    Buster Blader, the Destruction Swordmaster
    Skilled Dark Magician
    Twin Twister
    Tricky Spell 4
    Fate of the Destruction Swordmaster
    Premature Burial
    Mage Power
    Magician’s Circle
    Dark Illusion
    Dust Tornade
    Magician’s Selection

    (Note: Use the anime counterparts of “Card of Sanctity” and “De-Fusion” in YGOPro.)

  7. Being honest the deck list is interesting, but for chaos magician and since that I will make yugi deck with new cards, don’t needed BB and dark Paladin and its supports. All those cards can be for the third deck.

    I’ve the idea that the third deck can include the newest cards for BLS, Gaia and Black Luster but it’s too much. The deck will not work.

    Maybe for Salomon Muto: 1) Exodia (Drawing) 2) Exodia (Necross + Exodius + Summoned) 3) Chaos Gaia (BLS + Gaia)

    I didn’t test an Exodia deck with all its new supports with a drawing style. What do you think? It will work?

  8. I’ve made some updates for the first deck like 3x Card Advance (really good), Graceful Charity, Pot of greed, and no Inferno RS and no Equip Spell Card and Trap Cards.

  9. Dark Paladin and Buster Blader were mostly there for last resort OTKs like in Yugi’s Battle City deck.

    And I’m not sure about Exodia. Other than the trap, which I never used in any Exodia or character deck I’ve built, I don’t know much about the new Exodia cards other than the trap, which seems a bit useless to Exodia decks ironically.

    I did have an idea for one Joey deck that continues the luck theme seen in the show, but also includes some more burn/beat-down tactics as well if you’re interested (cards you’d expect in Joey’s deck like Inferno Fire Blast, Red-Eyes Burn, and Archfiend Black Skull Dragon plus general Red-Eyes support like Red-Eyes Fusion, Black Metal Dragon, and Red-Eyes Spirit).

  10. TBH isn’t a problem to me put BB or Dark Paladin in the second deck, it look really nice, I didn’t even decide about the deck. The news cards are already in YGOPRO?

    About Exodia, I agree with you. I’ve play a “Total” Exodia (Drawing, Necross and Exodius). It don’t work well!! For now is interesting (for me) the idea of two differents Exodia decks.

    About Joey, I will love the lucky deck 😀 😀 😀
    For him what do you suggest for the decks? My ideas are 1) Red-Eyes Burn (like in your comment); 2) ??????? (don’t know, maybe RE Warrior) and 3) Insane Lucky.

  11. This is the Joey-themed deck I use in YGOPro.
    Monsters: 18
    Red-Eyes B. Dragon
    Summoned Skull
    Cyber-Tech Alligator
    Baby Dragon
    Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
    Gilford the Lightning
    Red-Eyes Black Flare Dragon
    Gearfried the Iron Knight
    Red-Eyes Wyvern
    Red-Eyes Tracer Dragon
    Rocket Warrior
    Hayabusa Knight
    Fiber Jar
    Red-Eyes B. Chick
    Black Metal Dragon
    Magician of Faith
    The Black Stone of Legend

    Spells: 14
    Red-Eyes Fusion
    Harpie’s Feather Duster
    Cards of the Red Stone
    The Claw of Hermos
    Inferno Fire Blast
    Pot of Greed
    Graceful Charity
    Monster Reborn
    Graceful Dice
    Skull Dice
    Lightning Blade
    Dragon Nails

    Traps: 8
    Nutrient Z
    Bottomless Trap Hole
    Kunai with Chain
    Red-Eyes Spirit
    Psychic Shockwave
    Magical Arm Shield
    Crush Card Virus

    Extra Deck: 9
    Archfiend Black Skull Dragon x2
    First of the Dragons
    Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword
    Goddess Bow
    Rocket Hermos Cannon
    Time Magic Hammer
    Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon x2

    NOTE: Use the anime counterparts of Amplifier, Crush Card Virus, and Skull Dice.

  12. I just tested your current Egyptian God deck with a few slight changes. Between using the effects of Double Summon, Convulsion of Nature, True Name, and Ra’s Disciple, I summoned The Winged Dragon of Ra on my first turn.

  13. After some testing, here’s what changes I came up with:
    [Main Deck – 40]
    Monster Cards: 19
    Marshmallon x3
    Ra’s Disciple x3
    The Tricky x3
    Spell Striker x3
    Level Eater x2
    Slifer the Sky Dragon
    Obelisk the Tormentor
    The Winged Dragon of Ra
    The Winged Dragon of Ra – Immortal Phoenix
    The Winged Dragon of Ra – Sphere Mode

    Spell Cards: 16
    True Name x3
    Card Advance x3
    Convulsion of Nature x2
    Upstart Goblin x2
    Double Summon
    Pot of Greed
    Graceful Charity
    Infinite Cards
    Monster Reborn
    Mound of the Bound Creator

    Trap Cards: 5
    Metal Reflect Slime x3
    Solemn Wishes
    Ultimate Offering

    I added Metal Reflect Slime to have an extra 3 tributes that can likely survive any battle since it has 3000 DEF. Solemn Wishes is there to have a lot of extra life points for The Winged Dragon of Ra when it’s Normal Summoned (it gives you 500 LP for every card you draw).

    I removed The Creator God of Light since in all the tests of this deck I did, I never summoned more than two Egyptian Gods before the duel was over.

  14. I’ve summon Horakhty once 🙂

    I will keep Horakhty and advance zone (at least one copy) in the deck, but those suggestions are really interesting. I will put MRS, Ultimate Ofering and Solemn Wishes, not sure about Infinite cards since we will use a lot of cards from hand, but i will test it. However, I will be busy in the next days.

    No mention for Tricky Spell 4, or call of the Haunted to summon 1 extra monster? Can you explain your ideia?

  15. Infinite Cards is to power Slifer up (not having to discard cards if you have more than 6 in hand).

    I forgot about Tricky Spell 4. That’s a good idea. Not sure about Call of the Haunted. I summon so many monsters within the first few turns I may have overlooked it. I’ll give that and Tricky Spell 4 a try. The deck may go over 40 cards though.

  16. Sorry for my later aswer.

    I’ve update the deck, with pot of advarice and Spellbook inside of the pot (manga only). I’ve tested infinite cards but rarely I have more than 6 cards in the hand.

    I’ve put more draw effect only to get the key cards, not to power Slifer. Pot of advarice can recicle monsters like disciple or spell stricker (and draw cards).

    I will publish a lot of characters posts and you can comment the respective deck list in any time or situations.

  17. I’ve tested your deck. Some new Dark Magician cards are really good and interesting and i’ve put two copies of DM. This deck have an potential to be really good. Don’t like anime counterparts, so i’ve excluded the anime counterparts of “Card of Sanctity” and “De-Fusion”.

    I will put one more copy of Infernal Curse of Dragon, and some cards like ancient rules and summoner art.

  18. I included Card of Sanctity because my hand usually ended up empty with this deck so I’d get to draw 5 or 6 cards with it. It was that or Card Destruction when there’s no room for Disgraceful Charity to get those cards back.

  19. Plus the anime counterpart of Card of Sanctity’s a lot better than the real life counterpart. The real card forces you to remove every other card you control and have in your hand then draw 2 cards. That’s the other reason I chose its anime counterpart.

  20. I undestand your point. I’ve played and yes, sometimes I was empty, but we can build a more flexible deck without card of sanctity.

  21. Okay I’ll admit I really chose it because it’s something Yugi’s used a lot (and being able to draw 6 cards can save you if you draw it at the right time).

    And I forgot to explain why I chose the anime counterpart of De-Fusion. It’s to support Dark Paladin + Diffusion Wave-Motion. If your opponent summons Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon or Five-Headed Dragon, use De-Fusion on it during their turn, and then activate Diffusion Wave-Motion to attack all of the dragons (3 to 5) at once. (In YGOPro, only the anime counterpart of De-Fusion lets your opponent summon the fusion materials from their Graveyard. The real life counterpart doesn’t unless things changed.)

  22. The Egyptian God Deck is really good now. Though I removed one of the Upstart Goblins for Heavy Storm. I tested it against Bakura’s deck and with all the continuous spells/traps like “Chain Energy” and “Horrible Earthbound” I put in it, the deck needs some sort of spell/trap removal. So I went with Heavy Storm since it destroys everything and its also something Yugi used once.

  23. Yeah, for now EG deck have good combos, but i can update to put one S/T removal.

    Yugi only use “Heavy Storm” once. Why not “Harpie Feather Duster”?

  24. Was hard to me making the third deck. I’ve make the mistake by putting a great number of high level monsters (BLS, Magician of BC, 2x DM, DM Girl, 2x BB, Inferno 2x Dragon, BB destroyer) and several cards that help Spell counters (since that I’ve put the Skilled Magicians) and Dragon destroyer Archtype. It become unplayable. Also Summoner art is unnecessary, this deck will have just 1/2 Normal Monster.

    For now i just will put DM and BB (i don’t need BLS or Magician of BC, DM Girl is hard).

  25. Sorry, didn’t notice you replied. I chose “Heavy Storm” since Yugi’s never used “Harpie’s Feather Duster”. I prefer Feather Duster as well, but other than Yugi never used it, I don’t have a copy unfortunately.

    Some of the decks I’ve suggested were built using only cards I own, I think.

  26. Usually the only level 5 or higher monsters I include in a Yugi deck are:
    Dark Magician
    Buster Blader
    Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning
    Gandora X the Dragon of Destruction OR Dark Magician of Chaos
    Dark Magician Girl
    Des Volstgalph (with all the spell cards in the deck, he can get a lot of attack power)

    Two of them I never summon because I usually use Destruction Swordsman Fusion to bring out Buster Blader the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman or Dark Paladin right away after searching them out with Dark Magician Curtain and Emblem of Dragon Destroyer.

    Dark Magician Girl, Gandora X the Dragon of Destruction, and Des Volstgalph can be easily summoned because of The Tricky or Marshmallon. Two of them only need one tribute. Magical Dimension and Lemon Magician Girl also make summoning Dark Magician or Dark Magician of Chaos (if you don’t use Gandora X) easier. (Except DM of Chaos’ will have its effects negated if its summoned by Lemon Magician Girl’s effect.)

  27. I’ll admit, I’m a little wary of Snatch Steal since the deck doesn’t have any way to make your opponent lose 1000 life points every turn instead of gain it.

    Creature Swap might be a better option, especially if you can give your a opponent a monster they can’t tribute for a tribute summon like Ra’s Disciple (if its face-up) and you might get something powerful in return.

  28. I’ve been thinking about building either a Kaiba or a Yugi-themed Deck outside of YGOPro using only cards I have (or will have once Legendary Decks II and the new Kaiba/Yugi Structure Decks are released), but for now, I only have one copy of Pot of Greed and one copy of Graceful Charity, so I can’t decide whether to go with making a deck for Kaiba or for Yugi (not just the one I have in YGOPro, in reality too) right now.

    Just to help move my decision along, which would you make first (Kaiba or Yugi) if you were building a character deck in real life?

  29. I prefer make good decks from cards that i own, because i don’t have a lot of cards of characters. From cards that I have I would make, at least consistent decks of Yusei (synchron + LD), Zane (cyber), Kaiba (Dragons), Jaden (Hero), Yuma (39 + gagaga/gogogo), Yuya (perfomapal/magician), Mako Tsunami (atlantean).

    From cards that i have i real life, I woul make several decks using Lightsworn (Chaos, some cards of BA, Chaos Dragon), also WATER/Atlantean/Tidal, Synchron Dragon, Cyber Geargia, Orichalcos Monarch, Magician Pendulum, FIRE/Blaster.

    If you have buy the structure deck Revival of Great Divine Dragon I would suggest start with Kaiba.

  30. I’d actually be able to make Decks for both of them if I had two copies of Pot of Greed and Graceful Charity (I only have one of each for now), which is why I can’t decide.

    So you would say go with Kaiba first?

  31. Instead it you can print. You will save money, if it just for fun.

    I actually have also some fake cards with the corrects names and effects. I would put one of those in a sleeve to play in home.

    I see Pot of Greed more for Kaiba, and Graceful more for Yugi.

  32. True, though Kaiba and Yugi have both used Pot of Greed and Graceful Charity before.

    Anyway, money’s not really an issue for me, especially since I typically do not spent that much per week. The most I’ve spent in a week is $31, and that was for Yugi’s Legendary Decks. Otherwise, I limit myself to around $20-$23 (at the most) per week.

  33. I don’t know what those values is in Euro (I’m from Portugal). I rarelly spent more than 12 € per month, and it’s about 15 $, I guess.

    Sometimes in special days (like IberAnime OPO, or other festivals) I spent about 20/30 € or even 50 €. For 2016 IberAnime OPO edition I will try buy 2/3 Mega-Tins from 2015/2016 (Yugi, Kaiba and Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon). Also I want a action figure of Yusei …

  34. I’d say the Kaiba Tin is worth it more than the Yugi tin is. I bought one of the Yugi tin of course (for the original art of Dark Magician and the Slifer reprint), but I think I’ve had better luck with the Kaiba Tin (getting 2x Solemn Strikes, 2x Twin Twisters, Buster Blader the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman – ironically -, Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon, and 2x Traptrix Rafflessia are notable cards I’ve gotten).

    I might pick up the Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon tin from last year though since Wal-Mart here only has four left, and there’s a Promo card in it – Elder Entity Norden – that I’ll want to have if I ever build my ABC-Dragon Buster deck from YGOPro in real life. Not sure though because “Galaxy Soldier” is $25 + $7.50 shipping on WalMart, and I’m not about to spend $65 for two cards. Of course, I could buy packs of “World Superstar” instead, because Wal-Mart still has a few and hope I get lucky.

  35. Well, I would buy a Dark Rebellion mainly because of Castel and the synchro monster (I have a copy of Dark Rebellion). I may agree with you about Kaiba Mega-tin, it would worth more than Yugi mostly because of Azure and Spirit (I have the idea that I will get Solemn Strike), but I also enjoy Yugi (I need more boxs to save my cards).

    Anyway I will try buy all those boxes.

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