Toon Cyber Dragon

Toon Cyber Dragon[ Machine / Toon / Effect ]

If your opponent controls a monster and you control no monsters, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand). Cannot attack the turn it is Summoned. While you control “Toon World” and your opponent controls no Toon monsters, this card can attack your opponent directly.

ATK / 2100   DEF / 1600


9 responses to “Toon Cyber Dragon

  1. I think it’s this monster being released that got me interested in the Toon monsters. I never made a Toon deck before ones like this, Toon Ancient Gear Golem, Red-Eyes Toon Dragon, etc. were released because all of the old Toon monsters could only be Special Summoned by tributing a monster or two, and died if Toon World was destroyed.

    In a Toon deck I made in YGOPro, it only included the ones that aren’t destroyed with Toon World (except for Masked Sorcerer, for draw power).

  2. That’s interesting. In my decks, I see a Special Summon as an advantage. Since the key cards are in the hand, with a lot of toon searcher, like toon Table and terraforming, also monster reborn, 2x Comic hand, and even Instant fusion to summon monster to tribute summon. That monster are used as tribute to special summon, not to tribute summon. It is an advantage. Cards like cost down and double summon doens’t work. Toon mermaid, as an example, is very usefull.

  3. I’m still wary of the old Toons because of your opponent uses Mystical Space Typhoon, Twister, Twin Twisters, Malevolent Catastrophe, or Dust Tornado on Toon World/Kingdom while you don’t have Emergency Provisions set during their turn or in your hand during your turn, you lose all of your monsters.

    That’s why I’ll stick to the newer Toon monsters like the ones I mentioned. Plus most of the older ones require tributes to be summoned unless you use Cost Down. Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon, for example, used to have this wording for its summoning condition: “Must first be Special Summoned (from your hand) by Tributing the same number of monsters needed for a Tribute Summon (normally 2).”

  4. Oh wait, I see what you said now. It’s not that they can be special summoned I had a problem with, it’s that if Toon World is destroyed, they’re all destroyed too. I see that as too much of a risk for how they can be Special Summoned. (Although they’d might as well all be Normal Summon monsters because they still require 1 or 2 tributes to Special Summoned.)

  5. I was talking about summoning toon monsters. Each turn I can special summon any number of toons, in other way normal/tribute summon is just once.

    But its funny that with Toon DM or RE Toon you can special summon toons monster even without Toon world.

    Now about protecting Toon World, maybe we could considerer Field Barrier, or LP protector like Battle Fader (will be in the second deck of pegasus) or Emissary of Darkness.

  6. it’s tribute to special summon, not to tribute summon.

    Fires of Doomsday works well since that the tokens can only be used as tribute to a tribute summon a DARK monster, but you can tribute those tokens to special summon.

  7. I’d consider Field Barrier, Emergency Provisions (send Toon World to the Graveyard so its not destroyed by another effect), and/or Magic Reflector.

    Also, about Emissary of Darkness. I used it in my Yugi deck when it was 45 cards (it’s 40 now), the only time I summoned it with its effect was when I let it happen, Tragodia and Battle Fader might be better options.

    Now if we were talking about a Hieratic Dragons deck (all the Hieratics are level 5+ or Special Summon monsters except for Gebeb and Nuit, and Eset that can be summoned without tributes), I could see Gorz being amazing. (I know, unrelated but Hieratic Decks usually don’t use trap cards at all and it was the best example of where Gorz can be very useful I could think of.)

  8. Ok, good!

    To be honest I rated Battle Fader better option since that spell card are vulnerables.

    But give me some time to test the spell cards.

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