LeoName: Leo;

Main Archetypes: Power Tool; Morphtronic;

Dimension: Synchro;






Deck: Morphtronic Synchro;

Main Deck: 40 (E-22; S-15; T-3)

Morphtronic StaplenMorphtronic StaplenMorphtronic SlingenMorphtronic BoomboxenMorphtronic BoomboxenMorphtronic VideonMorphtronic VideonMorphtronic Videon8aefe-morphtronicradion-bmp8aefe-morphtronicradion-bmp8aefe-morphtronicradion-bmpMorphtronic ScopenMorphtronic ScopenMorphtronic ScopenMorphtronic BoardenMorphtronic RemotenMorphtronic SmartfonMorphtronic SmartfonMorphtronic SmartfonMorphtronic CelfonMorphtronic CelfonMorphtronic CelfonOne for OneJunk BoxJunk BoxGraceful Charityffed4-gravityblaster-bmpf7ec9-unitedwestand-bmpDouble Tool C&DDouble Tool C&DBreak! Draw!Break! Draw!2508c-prematureburial-bmp12e47-magepower-bmp12e47-magepower-bmpMorphtronic Repair UnitMorphtronic Repair UnitThreatening RoarPower BreakPower Break

Extra Deck: 15 (S-15)

Ultimaya Tzolk'inLife Stream DragonLife Stream DragonKarakuri Steel Shogun mdl 00X BureidoKarakuri Steel Shogun mdl 00X BureidoKarakuri Shogun mdl 00 Bureiec96f-powertooldragon-bmpec96f-powertooldragon-bmpec96f-powertooldragon-bmpPower Tool Mecha DragonPower Tool Mecha DragonPower Tool Mecha Dragon39801-armoryarm-bmp39801-armoryarm-bmp39801-armoryarm-bmp


Deck: Morphtronic;

Main Deck: 40 (E-20, S-15, T-5)

Morphtronic StaplenMorphtronic StaplenMorphtronic StaplenMorphtronic BoomboxenMorphtronic Boomboxen8aefe-morphtronicradion-bmpMorphtronic MagnenMorphtronic MagnenMorphtronic BoardenMorphtronic BoardenMorphtronic BoardenMorphtronic CameranGadget DriverGadget DriverGadget DriverMorphtronic SmartfonMorphtronic SmartfonMorphtronic CelfonMorphtronic CelfonMorphtronic CelfonOne for Oneb4f56-morphtronicaccelerator-bmp04d94-potofgreed-bmpMagical MalletMagical Mallete35d8-potofduality-bmpab3df-limiterremoval-bmpClockwork NightClockwork NightMorphtronic CordMorphtronic CordMorphtronic Repair UnitMorphtronic Repair UnitMorphtronic MapMorphtronic MapMorphtronics, Scramble!9e83b-negateattack-bmpMorphtronic ForcefieldLabyrinth of NightmareLabyrinth of Nightmare

Extra Deck: 3 (S-3)




7 responses to “Leo

  1. I just got a strange idea all of a sudden. How about including Cyber Dragon in one of his decks? Not its Fusions or Xyzs, but just the original Cyber Dragon to give Leo a surprise advantage over his opponents.

    The only downside would be Cyber Dragon (Level 5) wouldn’t be able to be used for Synchro Summoning Power Tool Dragon or Power Tool Mecha Dragon. There aren’t any level 2 Morphtronic Tuners monsters.

  2. That as disadvantage that Cyber can’t be used for a Synchro. In the first Deck it is more focused in quick synchro summons. There’s no level 2 Morphtronic Tuner Monster. But it can be: Smarton (1) + Cyber (5) + Celfon (1)

    For now it is the 1st deck that i’ve tested, focused in synchro sommuning and equip spell cards, but I need sugestions:

    2x Staplen
    1x Slingen
    2x Boomboxen
    3x Videon
    3x Radion
    3x Scopen
    1x Boarden
    1x Remoten
    3x Smartfon
    3x Celfon

    1x One for One
    2x Junk Box
    1x Graceful Charity
    1x Limiter Removal
    1x Twin Twister
    2x United We Stand
    3x Double Tool C&D
    2x Mage Power
    3x Morphtronic Repair Unit

    2x Power Break

    1x Life Stream
    3x Power Tool
    3x Power Tool Mecha
    3x Armory Arm

    It’s needed one more monster due of effect of Smartfon and Celfon. I know that there are 22 but the ideal is 23 or even 24. 😀

  3. I’m going to do some testing, but one idea I’ve got is Premature Burial. It’s an equip spell, and while similar to Morphtronic Repair Unit, it can be better because the equipped monster won’t be destroyed if its sent to the Graveyard by, say, Emergency Provisions. It has to be destroyed by a card effect.

    As for monsters, I like to have it at 18-20 monsters so there’s room for defensive traps such as Threatening Roar, Mirror Force, etc.

  4. I also thought about including Cyber Dragon Core to make this combo possible: Activate One for One by discarding Cyber Dragon Core that way it will be in the Graveyard if you ever need to Special Summon Cyber Dragon while its somewhere in your deck instead of your hand.

  5. Good option about Premature Burial, I can run 1 copie.

    I can add a defensive trap and Emergency Provisions. About the number of monsters I’ve decide that must be like 20/23.

    – 1 Morphtronic Repair Unit
    + 1 Premature Burial

    – 1 Double Tool
    + 1 Emergency Provisions

    – 1 ?????
    + 1 Defensive Trap

    I must admit that it’s hard find a place for Cyber Dragon and Cyber Dragon Core, but I will try.

  6. This is what I came up with. I summoned Power Tool Dragon and Power Tool Mecha Dragon on my first turn. Only thing I wasn’t sure about was what to remove for Emergency Provisions while staying at 40 cards.

    [Main Deck – 40]
    Monsters [18]
    2x Morphtronic Staplen
    2x Morphtronic Videon
    2x Morphtronic Radion
    2x Morphtronic Celfon
    2x Morphtronic Smartfon
    2x Morphtronic Scopen
    1x Morphtronic Boarden
    1x Morphtronic Boomboxen
    1x Morphtronic Sligen
    1x Cyber Dragon
    1x Cyber Dragon Core
    1x Morphtronic Remoten

    Spells [16]
    2x Double Tool C&D
    1x Break! Draw!
    1x Gravity Blaster
    1x United We Stand
    1x Premature Burial
    1x Mage Power
    1x 7 Completed
    1x Morphtronic Repair Unit
    1x One for One
    1x Junk Box
    1x Pot of Greed
    1x Graceful Charity
    1x Monster Reborn
    1x Limiter Removal
    1x Twin Twisters

    Traps [6]
    1x Threatening Roar
    1x Mirror Force
    1x Trap Stun
    1x Zero Gravity
    1x Power Break
    1x Negate Attack

    [Extra Deck – 6]
    Synchros [6]
    1x Life Stream Dragon
    1x Power Tool Dragon
    1x Power Tool Mecha Dragon
    1x Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 “Burei”
    1x Karakuri Steel Shogun mdl 00X
    1x Armory Arm

  7. I love your suggestion about 00X, I’ve added 2 copies.

    I’ve Summon Tzolkin in one turn. 😀 😀

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